Who killed Martina Magnani, a young high school student, found a corpse dressed as a witch, on the west beach of Cesenatico the following morning Halloween?

For the Piedmont Attanasio Pavone there is no doubt: the culprit is a Senegalese homeless man caught sleeping a few hundred meters from the victim, with his handbag next to him. The motive is clear: murder for the purpose of robbery after a likely attempt at violence.

But for Anna Bonoli, called the Lynx, a private detective with a past as an inspector of the State Police and a strong propensity for Gin Monkey47, things could have gone differently. It was she who found the girl's body and, from what she could observe by looking around, the accounts do not return.

Although the magistrate threatens to have her arrested for obstruction of the investigations if she only tries to take an interest in the case, the Lynx decides to investigate in parallel with her former colleagues, discovering that Martina was not at all an unwary high school student and her death actually hides many shadows.

Cesenatico, the scene of twists and turns that hold your breath.

Niky Marcelli paints the confrontation between the world of adults, to which the whole police department belongs and that of teenagers, too often wounded by the brutality of the "grown-ups".

Central is the fascinating portrait of the Lynx: ex-policewoman and semi-alcoholic, Anna Bonoli has a mysterious past, but in the dim light the injustice that forced her to leave the police force to become a private detective if the daemon is palpable alcohol is basically redeemed by the cunning of the Lynx, by its direct and frank character and by its sympathy interspersed with the Romagna Ah of ...

Niky Marcelli, now an acquired citizen of the seaside village, manages to grasp the peculiarities of the Cesenatico winter, cold and rainy, in which the sea is always the protagonist: desolate, without umbrellas and tourists, the scene of a crime, immersed in the solitude of the colonies abandoned that no one tries to retrain, the sea is the beating heart of the novel and marks its beginning.

(Francesca Battistini - Il Giornale Off)


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