Niky Marcelli, journalist and writer, was born in Milan but moved to New York almost immediately and then to Rome, where he resided until 2004, before crowning his old aspiration to go and live in the countryside.
Investigative chronicler and entertainment critic, he was one of the "founding fathers" and editor-in-chief of the satirical and counter-information weekly "La Peste", for which he signed numerous investigations.
He subsequently collaborated with the newspapers "L'Umanità", "Il Giornale d'Italia", "L'Avanti", "Libero"; with the periodicals "Audrey", "Avvenimenti" and with many successful Rai programs, including "Via Teulada 66", "Piacere Rai Uno", "In Famiglia", "Domenica In, Uno Mattina".
As an author, he signed the first variety produced and transmitted by the then Tele Monte Carlo in 1993: "Mirror of my longings" - in collaboration with John Casablancas' Elite agency - and, in the theater, the comedy "Capolinea", represented with success in the seasons 1997/98 and 1998/99.
In 2003, for the types of Maretti, his collection of short stories "Under the pergola of the bar that no longer exists" was released (Also available in e-book from May 2016).
From 2004 to 2007 he directed the web agency «Lo Sport»
From 2003 to 2010 he collaborated with the political satire weekly «Veleno».

In December 2013, for the types of TEKE, his yellow "L'Ultimo Swing" was released.

In July 2015, again for Teke, he published the novel "La Contessa Rossa"

In May 2016 he published the collection of short stories "Il Senso di Giulio per Camilla" in an e-book. In June 2016, the collection of poems "Versi Liberi" was published in an e-book. In 2017, he published the cookbook "Writer's pan not yet boiled".

In June 2018 the novel "The Mysteries of Hatria" comes out, the second adventure of the saga of the "Red Countess".

In April 2019 the second volume of the cooking manual "Non-Boiled Writer's Pan" comes out.

In May 2019, for the types of Santelli Editore, the yellow "La Strega Spiaggiata" is published.

He collaborates with "Il Giornale Off" and with "Mimì", cultural insert of "Il Quotidiano del Sud".

He lives between Campagnano di Roma, a small medieval village on the outskirts of the capital, and Cesenatico.