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The Beached Witch

ISBN - 9788832040388

Who killed Martina Magnani, a young high school student, found a corpse dressed as a witch, on the west beach of Cesenatico the following morning Halloween?

For the Piedmont Attanasio Pavone there is no doubt: the culprit is a Senegalese homeless man caught sleeping a few hundred meters from the victim, with his handbag next to him. The motive is clear: murder for the purpose of robbery after a likely attempt at violence.

But for Anna Bonoli, called the Lynx, a private detective with a past as an inspector of the State Police and a strong propensity for Gin Monkey47, things could have gone differently. It was she who found the girl's body and, from what she could observe by looking around, the accounts do not return.

Although the magistrate threatens to have her arrested for obstruction of the investigations if she only tries to take an interest in the case, the Lynx decides to investigate in parallel with her former colleagues, discovering that Martina was not at all an unwary high school student and her death actually hides many shadows.

The Mysteries of Hatria

ISBN - 9788828325185

Is there really an Atlantis in the middle of the Adriatic Sea? And are its streets really paved with gold as a legend tells in a fragment of Pliny the Elder?

Was Professor Ruggero Marcòn a mad visionary, as claimed by his colleagues at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, or the author of one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time?

Sara Varzi, the Red Countess, and the journalist Anna “Care” Caremoli, her inseparable companion of adventures, have no doubts: behind every legend there is always a fund of truth and they are totally willing to discover it. If nothing else, to help Alice, Marcòn's young daughter.

But other characters, very dangerous, are also in search of the lost city and, this time, Sara and Care will risk very much at the bottom of the sea, when they find themselves in front of a submarine absolutely determined to get rid of them.

From the shores of Cesenatico and Venice, to the coasts of Croatia, in a tight succession of twists and heart-pounding situations, the two girls will really have to do everything to stay alive and ultimately reveal the mysteries of Hatria.

The Red Countess

ISBN - 9788826001715

What secrets are hidden inside the old military bag found in a mountain crevasse, next to the remains of the "Countess Rossa", a famous South Tyrolean partisan, seventy years after the end of the war?
Why does it still arouse the interest of the descendants of a Nazi criminal, who try to seize it at all costs? And what is hidden in the basement of an old marine colony, transformed into a luxury hotel?
Mysteries that Sara Varzi of Casteldelbosco, young scion of the nobility, as well as the grandson of the partisan from whom she inherited her name, nickname and spirit of adventure, will try to reveal. The following will help you: Anna Caremoli, enterprising journalist, collaborator of the newspaper L'Alto Adige; a restorer of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence and an ironic and full of surprises maître d'hotel. With their fundamental support, the young Countess Rossa will dive into a daring treasure hunt that will take her around half of Italy, from the snows of the Dolomites to the sunny beaches of Cesenatico.

The Last Swing

ISBN 9788829514779

ISBN E-BOOK-9788829513840

Who killed Emiliano Vannelli, editor in chief of "Il Messagero" and president of the golf club "Tavola d'Argento"? And what is hidden behind the facade of the "Winter Palace"?
In the sleepy Rieti, caught in the grip of frost, two journalists, Candida Grillo and Giorgio Biavati, investigate in parallel with the police, trying to unravel what seems an insoluble puzzle.
While the snow whitens the city, the cards are constantly mixed and scrambled. Whenever the two think they have the ace in hand, they find themselves with a piece of paper.
Will they be able to win this thrilling game with the killer?

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Under the pergola of the bar that is no longer there

ISBN - 13: 9788888182346

Thirteen stories. Thirteen love stories sung to the notes of a slow waltz.
A small village on the lake, a small bar shaded by an American vine pergola are at the center of these stories in which reality and fantasy, tragedy and farce, rationality and dream and magic are mixed seamlessly.

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Giulio's sense for Camilla

ISBN - 9786050436013

Short stories of love, hope, disappointment and mere mess.

We all had our "Camilla", because Camilla is no longer even a person, she is a category of the spirit. It is that woman (but also that man) who engraves her name in your heart and soul in an indelible way. And, having severely burned you to perform this operation, it leaves you with a wound that will never heal and that will always be ready to bleed or ache as soon as "your" Camilla passes again in your neighborhood.

In these short stories, written by a madly in love person (who then, have you ever heard of a "rationally in love"?) You can get a vague idea of ​​the "original" Camilla, the one who managed to make herself an adjective and to baptize an entire category…. The absolute Archetype of the bitch, in a nutshell.

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Not yet boiled saucepan of writer
(Cookbook from father to son)
ISBN - 9788827537350
I SBN E-BOOK - 9786050446111

Here you will find original recipes created by me, or by my father Augusto who sent me - in addition to his passion for writing - also that for cooking. And you will also find traditional recipes or their more or less free reinterpretations, both of regional, national and international cuisine.
In short, a fricassee, a potpourri, a - to use an Anglicism - medley (or, even more appropriately, a melting pot) of dishes invented from a healthy plant, reworked from traditional recipes, or learned-copied around the Italy and for the world.

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Tegame2 CopertinaSingola.jpg
Not yet boiled saucepan of writer 2
(The new recipes)
ISBN - 9788834113738

When, last year, I decided to gather and print a collection of more or less original recipes, created or collected by me and my father over a few years, I didn't think anyone would find them so interesting that they were made become a column in an online newspaper.

Instead, the editor of offered me - which I thank you for - a weekly column with the same title as the book: A writer's pot not yet boiled.

Having exhausted the recipes in the book in a short time, I created new ones and, moreover, I started hunting for family recipes, retrieving from the memory some dishes that my aunts or my grandmother cooked for me. I also "plagiarized" a couple of them to my mother who - knowing her - will surely bring me a lawsuit for the royalties.

The end result was this book: Non-Boiled Writer's Pan 2 - The new recipes, a subtitle that perhaps I would have preferred to change into Revenge.

I don't know if there will be a third one (to be called maybe The Return), because not being a professional chef but an adventure writer, now my culinary creations are running out.

Free Verses
Embarrassing youth poems and some songs
ISBN - 9786050457568

All those who have written love poems in their lives. Well, I did it too and - like most of those who do the same thing and then stop - I invoke the extenuating circumstance that I was very young. In this case, I wrote the poems that make up this collection between the ages of 25 and 35, and not all dedicated to the same person. Which can give you a general idea of ​​how lucky I was at the time with the girls. In addition to the "poems" as a naive lover, you will also find two "raps" - including the "unemployed rap" taken from my play "Capolinea", staged for a couple of seasons a few years ago - and some songs composed for a musical that I should have written four-handed with a friend.

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